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Fanghi D’Alga GUAM® Mud productsare able to reduce the appearance of cellulite after the very first application.  They are naturally and extraordinarily effective, with users visibly noting the changes on their skin in a very short amount of time in terms of color and compactness. These products truly work to improve the overall appearance of skin’s firmness, elasticity, color and microcirculation. They have also been proven effective in clinical tests conducted by a leading Italian University, where the researchers deemed Fanghi D’Alga GUAM®Mud products instrumental in reducing the appearance of cellulite.Guam Seaweed mud is the better-known and the most effective product against cellulite-derived skin imperfection.

Three women of different ages were interviewed right after the anti cellulite body wrap treatment. They have never tried the Guam seaweed mud before and they were definitely enthusiastic of the results.


"The thing that impressed me most about Guam beauty mud treatment was how easy it was. I thought it was complicated but I felt like I actually can do that at home. It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be to apply and clean off.

After using my skin was smoother and I could see the difference from the first application. I am curious to try it againg and see the results in the future as I've heard that the more you use it, the more you see the results.

I felt the smell really natural. The treatment reminded me of a fresh garden, or even a beach."