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Manicures & Pedicures

Show off your legs with this luxurious pedicure that will leave your skin radiant - A 60 minute luxury pedicure consisting of a refreshing foot soak in marine salts and warm water, a scrub which will remove dead skin cells and hard skin removal, cut, file, buff of the nail, cuticle work, a refreshing massage which will leave your feet feeling light as air and mask to nourish and soften the skin, we then finish off the pedicure by painting your nails with the nail polish colour of your choice! 

Indulge in a 60 minute manicure consisting of a relaxing hand soak, cut, file and buff of the nail including cuticle work, a soothing hand and arm massage which will leave your skin and hands feeling nourished and moisturized and finishing off with a nail polish colour of your choice! 
You can also add Gel polish which will last up to 2 weeks with no chipping or peeling, but a glossy smooth colour! 
Prices : 
Nail polish application - Euro 8
Spa Manicure - 45 minutes - Euro 25 
Spa pedicure - 25 minutes - Euro 25
Spa pedicure - 45 minutes - Euro 35
Spa pedicure with gel polish - Euro 45
Medical pedicure - 60 minutes - Euro 50
Medical pedicure with nail polish - 75 minutes - Euro 58
Medical pedicure with gel polish - 90 minutes - Euro 60