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Clinical Nutritionist Services

Mariella Porter is a Clinical Nutritionist registered both in Malta and the UK and she offers the following services at DermaCare Clinic:

Personalised Weight Management Programmes

Elimination diets for allergies, intolerance & special dietary needs

Personalised Nutritional Advice

Sports Nutrition consultations

Paediatric Nutrition consultations.

She obtained her Master degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Chester, UK, where she studied at the Clinical Sciences Department. Ms Porter has also earned a Diploma in each of the following areas: Diet & Weight Management; Child Nutrition; Exercise & Sports Nutrition, and she constantly keeps herself updated with the latest research in the field of Nutrition & Health.

Mariella Porter has also conducted a for-front study in Malta about Food Hypersensitivity, and she is specialised in food elimination diets for allergies, intolerance and other dietary needs.

Ms Porter is also a warranted Educator and offers Nutrition & Health talks and seminars.